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olive harvest


Our olive oil is renowned for its smooth, buttery taste and rich nutty flavor. Every bottle is carefully crafted with passion and love, to bring the best product to your table.
We invite you to taste our selection and discover the unique taste of Olive Tentation.

background of olive grove in Vatika, Laconia
our products

500ml BOTTLE

Our awarded for its quality 500ml-16.9FL.Oz bottle, contains extra virgin olive oil produced from our owned olive groves in Vatika Laconia, Peloponnese. 
We use olives of Koroneiki & Athinoelia (a variety found mainly in Peloponnese) varieties. 

Our olive oil always comes from day-old fruit-hand picked, using the cold extraction method, in an olive mill with modern machinery and of course under our supervision and care!


ProfileTaste by ATHENA IOOC 2023
Profile Aroma by ATHENA IOOC 2023
our 100% traditional soaps


Our 100% traditional soap with olive leaves, contains all these ingredients that our body needs for its proper care and treatment!
At a time when people suffer from skin problems, for various reasons, we propose a pure and natural solution.
As in our extra virgin olive oil, so in our soaps, we always try for the best result, which comes through our love and respect for you, but also from our passion for our work and our products!
So, we invite you to try them!

Contains saponified vegetal oils, water, olive oil, olive leaves, sea salt. 

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